Waste-Not-Basket goes to University
"The overwhelming conclusion of this study demonstrated that the presence of in-room recycling bins were the single greatest influence and contributed to higher per room collection of materials than the central bins."
PhD study on Waste-Not-Baskets use in hotels,
By University of Utah student.
View the study here

Your guests made recycling important. We've made it beautiful.

Thinking about the environment?

So are millions of eco-conscious travelers. And as their numbers grow, it's clear that going green is more than a passing fad - it's a way of life. Now you can show your commitment and leadership with this aesthetically pleasing in-room recycling program.

Simple. Convenient. Stylish.

Waste-Not-Basketâ„¢ products are the ultimate recycling solution for your hotel or resort property. Blending seamlessly with any decor, they make recycling fast, clean and easy-not to mention what they do for reducing your raw-waste disposal costs and adding potential recycling revenue.

11" Oval Two Cavity 11" Octagonal Four Cavity 16" Oval Two Cavity 16" Rectangular Three Cavity
16" Rectangular Four Cavity 26" Oval Two Cavity 26" Octagonal Four Cavity

Colour Options

Wicker Rope Havana