Waste-Not-Basket™ products are the ultimate consumer recycling solution. They blend with any décor and make recycling fast, clean and easy while reducing our impact on the environment.

No Mess. No Stress. Hotel-room sized baskets use custom-fit bags or a liner/lid system, making recycling a breeze for your staff.

A sample equation:
1 Waste-Not-Basket per room = $35.00

Average returnables per day:
1 newspaper + 4 cans/bottles = $0.20

Pays for itself in about 175 days

Custom-bag System

Here’s how this system works - each compartment is lined with a custom-fit bag that hooks over the centre dowel and edge of each compartment. Each bag is simply removed by the room attendant, tied with a knot and placed in the master trash bag on the cleaning cart.

Liner System & Lid System

If it suits your needs, choose a clear plastic liner that fits inside of the basket. Liners available for 11” octagonal and oval sizes only. A coordinating specially-fitted lid allows the room attendant to cover up compartments but leave one open at a time to empty into a collection bag. Then the attendant rotates the lid to expose the next compartment.

  • Blends seamlessly with any décor.
  • Fast, cean and easy recycling.
  • Reduces raw waste disposal costs.
  • Can increase returnable revenue.
  • Housekeeping and guest friendly.
  • Creates good will with staff and guests.
  • Available in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Hand-woven around sturdy metal frame, made to last construction.
  • Your choice of custom-fit environmentally responsible plastic bags or clear plastic liner and lid system.
  • Easy to read embossed nameplates, i.e., Paper, Plastic, Glass, Cans.